Cologne, Germany

October 2023

Dear Internet,
this is my very first website to present my academic self: It’s still a wasteland, but I will provide more information soon. But to tell you something about me, I’ll give you a teaser: I am a media- and theatre scholar, art historian, and freelance curator. I am currently working at the University of Cologne as interim assistant professor in the INTERMEDIA study program. My teaching and research are based somewhere at the intersection of 19th-century history of technology, theater, art, and media, as well as current phenomena of digital image cultures, such as memes and internet aesthetics (as part of the postdigital condition). I will soon (2024) publish an article titled INTERNET AESTHETICS: NARRATING ANOTHER SELF.
You may already know my participation in the DANK IMAGES work lab: My research interests focus on artistic negotiation practices in the digital sphere against the background of media-cultural change. I am particularly interested in this change regarding the changing (artistic) use of technology. An article will also be published soon (2024), which deals with artistic practices in the digital sphere of MENTAL HEALTH MEMES.
I am also interested in the 19th century as an era in which our current way of media communication essentially began. In my article STAGING TECHNOLOGY, for example, I explore how new technologies were communicated in the media around 1900 to generate acceptance and understanding of this technology. This kind of knowledge transfer required an aesthetic transformation back then (as it does today) to be experienced and deciphered. I elaborate on these assumptions in my contribution to the MONTHLY LECTURES: Using the example of theatrical environments as part of industrial exhibitions in the fin de siècle, the lecture traces how social negotiation processes are inscribed in future-oriented stagings of technology and how knowledge about technical innovations is embedded in a sensually experienceable medial-theatrical act of mediation.
As a freelance curator, I most recently curated the 100 JAHRE VOLKSBÜHNE DÜSSELDORF exhibition, which combined my interest in the 19th century, aesthetic practices and cultural interactions.

That’s it for now. I’ll get back to you soon.

Forever yours,

PS: If there is anything urgent, please contact me.